08 diciembre 2015

Mr Freeman

04 diciembre 2015

Sueño 2

The main competition is next week.

I am unprepared.

 The coach ask me to go to the training area which is located away from the campus. She gives me instructions to find the place and urges me to go as soon as possible. She is an old woman.  I feel like I dont want to practice right now but she push me to go for training.

I have the map in my mind, so I walk until I find the line of people waiting, we all board an helicopter. After landing I still need to walk some time.

I reach the training place. I was expecting  an open area with gymnastic equipment, instead this is a  big building. I go into the building but I am unable to find the practice area, I remember I have to enter a passage but I cannot find it.

There is a young, very well dress man on the alley, I ask him about the training area and he agrees to show me the place. He speaks very loudly, kind of unnatural, and seems very energetic. I feel uncomfortable with him. Still I appreciate he shows me the route.

Near the main entry he shows me an open entry on the floor, around 1 meter squared. 
There, the training area is underground.
I didnt notice it before because I was looking for a door. I feel worried and I dont want to go there.

I remember the trainers words, I have no option, I need to go inside.  I ask the energetic guy to company me. He shouts

I dont want to go ¡they kill people down there! 

I am confused by his statement, I think he is joking, so I insist to him
 lets go there and do some exercise, and we are two so there is nothing to worry about.
 He is clearly nervous but he accepts to go with me. We jump into the hole to the underground.

The room is old, gray, big, it seems to have gray windows but I cannot see through them. On the ceiling is located the hole we used to enter the room, and there is a lace we could climb to return to the first floor.  There are also some stairs, and  doors to other rooms.

A couple of guys are using the equipment. After they notice us they go to block the stairs.  One of them is big and corpulent while the other is thin. Both look angry, they approach us  menacingly. I am unaware of all of this as I am  looking around to see what to use to train.

The energetic friend starts to panic.

He shouts some excuse and runs, he keeps on shouting while he opens one door and disappears, I can still hear his voice on the other room but now it seems something is happening to him.

No, no, my arm  no, please...
And here I am, in a room with two individuals blocking the exit. I think about the screaming of my partner, about the words he pronounces...I am thinking on going to help him but I realize that all the time he talked like if he was shouting, and I start to wonder if this is a joke.

The cordon is next to me and I could try to jump and climb it to escape. The big guy blocking the stairs is looking at the cord at the same time as I do. We look at each other while the screaming on the other room gets louder.

 Even him seems affected by those screams.

The second guy that blocked the stair is not here any more.

Or maybe I cannot see him because he is behind me.

Or maybe he is in the other room and he is responsible for the energetic guy screaming.